The riches hidden in hitchhiking – by Hitchhiking Guru

Hitch-Hikers' Handbook

Have you ever wondered what makes us step on the road with our thumbs stretched out in the hope of getting a lift? Explore this very philosophy of hitch-hiking aptly described by our second contributor.

Few would believe it, but hitchhikers are incredibly wealthy.

Sure, perhaps not in a financial sense, but I’m working on that. The very act of hitchhiking holds riches for the soul, riches for the mind and riches for the heart. Few are aware of how much potential for growth there is in throwing yourself head first into the murky depths of the unknown. This is what hitchhiking embodies. Hitchhiking is acting in spite of fear, which is the main obstacle between where we are and where we want to be. The more we hitchhike, the more we step out of our comfort zones, the more we push ourselves and test limits, the freer we are…

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About lunajana

wandering and wondering.. creating love fullfilling food, psychedelic poetry, permaculture gardens and meeting magic on the way. on the way to destiny - destiny becomes the way
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